Public Education Finance Act

Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace

Project Elements

  • Eliminate, or prepare transition language for, outdated and superfluous language in the present School Aid Act.
  • Transfer substantive, permanent education policies that are more appropriate in the Revised School Code.
  • Replace the school district-centric structure with a student centered structure, including, but not limited to:
    • Greater choice for students and parents.
    • Clarify role of geographic local unit school districts in financing model.
    • A per pupil funding system not tied to a school district.
    • Funding that follows the student.
    • Inter-district choice as part of a public system that maximizes innovative learning tools that meet a student’s needs.
    • Expanded opportunities for early college attendance, diverse online education.
    • Option for total on-line learning.
    • Education system that offers unfettered flexibility and adaptability for student learning models and styles.
    • Performance-based funding rather than “seat time” requirements.
    • A system that is more cost-efficient, competitive, innovative and effective in motivating student achievement.
    • A system that embrace innovative learning tools.
    • Changing from a static approach to education delivery to one responsive to individual learning styles.
    • Allow nonpublic school students and home school students maximum access to public education resources within the constraints of Michigan’s constitution.
  • Provide transition provisions to allow school districts and all public schools time to adjust to the new system.
  • Create greater transparency in public education funding for the benefit of teachers, administrators, students, parents and taxpayers.
  • Match the education funding act with the substantive changes in the Revised School Code proposed to implement the Governor’s education reform strategies.

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