Public Education Finance Act

Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace


March 4, 2013: Richard McLellan Memorandum to Rep. Lisa Lyons: HB 5923 Should Not Be Reintroduced

February 23, 2013: Richard McLellan Memorandum: State Board of Education Policies Compared to PEFA Project

February 5, 2013: Richard McLellan Memorandum to Paul Kinzer: Voucher Myth Discussion and Educator Hostility to Business

December 3, 2012: Richard McLellan Memorandum: Michigan Public Education Finance Act 2013

November 19, 2012: Michigan Public Education Finance Project Report

November 14, 2012: Input from the superintendents and business managers of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

November 9, 2012: Proposal from the Oakland County Superintendents Association

November 6, 2012: Update On Public Education Finance Project

October 31, 2012: Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan letter and position paper

October 15, 2012: Michigan Education Association recommendations for the Michigan Education Finance Project

October 12, 2012: Education organizations provide input to the Michigan Education Finance Project

October 2, 2012: Michigan Association for Gifted Children recommendations to the Michigan Education Finance Project

September 29, 2012: Disaggregating High School Education

September 18, 2012: Areas where existing assessment tool might be used to make a growth comparison – provided by Middle Cities Education Association

September 17, 2012: Any time. Any place. Any way. Any pace.

September 14, 2012: Update Memorandum to Legislative Leadership

August 8, 2012: Five Elements of Public Education

August 3, 2012: After Gov. Snyder issued his special message on education, the Citizens Research Council issued a report, “Distribution of State Aid to Michigan Schools.” This excellent report provides a primer on how the state funds our local schools. The report and accompanying webinar can be found here.

July 30, 2012: Letter from Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

July 27, 2012: The Citizens Research Council has issued a series of reports related to Michigan’s school aid system. For those trying to gain a better understanding of Michigan’s current school governance, taxing mechanisms and funding distributions. You can find the reports at

July 18, 2012: 45 different major appropriations in the school aid act and their respective requirement under Michigan’s constitution, federal or state law

July 16, 2012: Gov. Rick Snyder assembles panel to plan for sweeping changes to school funding

In an effort to maintain transparency, the Michigan Education Finance Project will publish proposals we receive on our website. Proposals submitted to the Michigan Education Finance Project do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the project.